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I found this in my travels online.  It is an interesting article on Hackensack in the 30's and 40's.

Click:  Recolletions by Tom Munday

I would like to start an electronic journal of personal recollections of the city.  You may post them here and let me know if I may then store them in a more temporary archive.  I would also like to copy any old photographs of the city and city residents.  

I was born in 47...we lived on Moore St right beside Graysons furniture store. Right accross the street from me was Hoobens chauffer service and beside him was a beautiful park where i played...a few steps away was the back parking lot of A&P where i loved riding my bike. Around the corner from me was a bar called The 21 club. My house was a few steps from the Courthouse. My father worked for Ford Aunt worked for the phone co on State St. Main St was so wonderful up until the 80s and it went to the wayside and just crumbled. One of my fav stores was Ace 5 & 10. Hackensack had the best parades of any town. I saw Jerry Lewis when i was little........

whoops, i made a was the 72 all black bar...

I was born in Englewood Hospital during the snowstorm of 1962.
Briefly lived in the Royal Apts on Anderson St in Hackensack, then Essex Street in a house my grandfather / father built.
At the time they were building contractors.

Later my father ran the Pepperbox across from Palisades Amusement Park.

Having recently visited FLA, admired the architecture  my father/grandfather built the house on the top of the hill...
(Carnation pink with glittering mica flecks)

So, literally I grew up in the 'Little Pink House' in (who wants a house out in) Hackensack. I grew up on Essex St on the top of the hill. 



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