Author Topic: 1881 Burial Plots (9) Available NOW in Hackensack Cemetery!  (Read 2735 times)

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1881 Burial Plots (9) Available NOW in Hackensack Cemetery!
« on: August 29, 2009, 01:10:11 AM »

Seller's description:

Located in North New Jersey, Bergen county.  Just five miles from Gorge Washington bridge and conveniently near New york City.  At the beautiful and quite historic Hackensack Cemetery.  Choose location in area of NJ where there are few plots left.  What is the remainder of family plots.  9 in Total = 6 spaces in front and 3 remaining in the back.  The original deed was purchased in 1881 and the last of distant ancestors where buried there in 1920's.  With the center head stone is well out of the way of the front six plots as you can see from the pictures. the address for Hackensack Cemetery is 323 Hackensack Ave   Hackensack, NJ 07601-6113    You can also Google map it and it will show satellite image of Cemetery. its really Neat!!! If you are interested in seeing the location. Contact New Jersey family member John at (973) 677 0073

Are there 8 other people who want to go in on this with me? He DID say "it's really neat!".............and it IS close to shopping!

(just kidding)

He's posted 11 pictures with the auction. I've posted 4 of them below and didn't blow them up or fix them.


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