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Chrome Logo of......SOMETHING in Hackensack



Seller's description:

this auction is for a hackensack suburban car dealership chrome script that was affixed to a car sold at that dealership back in the is old and pitted and was repaired but has the 3 mounting pins intact and seems pretty strong with a jb weld/wire splint....interesting item

What is "suburban car dealership"? It can't be a Chevy Suburban - not in lowercase. And I doubt it's from an old DeSoto Suburban - they wouldn't have a dealership just for one DeSoto model and it also wouldn't be in lowercase.

It looks a bit it even from a car dealership? Anybody have a clue?


just watching:
Could it refer to the name of the dealership, not the name of an automobile.  Was there ever a auto dealership called "Hackensack Suburban".

Almost 8 1/2 years later, the mystery may be solved, but the amateur look and lower case still throw me off.

Might this dealership be a predecessor of Hackensack Ford?

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