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Thanks Bob

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I just wanted to take a minute to thank Bob Leafe for taking the time to post these images.  His efforts are valuable because the images he collects provide glimpses into Hackensack's past we would not ordinarily see. His posts also afford Hackensack site visitors the opportunity to bid on locally important items that should remain in Hackensack.  Whenever Bob collects, identifies and uploads an image to this site, he is also making that data available to researchers and local history enthusiasts around the world.  If someone googles a Hackensack street name, church or place name, there's a good chance they will find something Bob has posted and will be very pleased to discover an image,- maybe one very near and dear to them.

This city has a rich and vibrant history.  For the first time, this history is widely accessible.  More importantly, people now have the opportunity to share historical information they discover.  I am very grateful to Bob and everyone else who makes even the most cursory contributions to these boards.  It all adds up. Keep posting!

Albert Dib

just watching:
That's right, Bob, keep up the good work.

And just for a few laughs --- remember I once questioned that he might be posting his own collection, to sell it off.  What was I thinking ???

If Hackensack ever gets around to forming a Historic Commission, Mr. Leafe should be one of the founding members.

Top of the Hill:
I agree, Bob provides a great service to this board. I grew up in Hackensack and moved to California 23 years ago. I check the site nearly everyday and almost always find something that triggers my memory back to my youth, stomping around the hill. Keep up the good work!!

You're welcome.

I want a raise. :laugh:


Effectively immediately, I will double your pay. 


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