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Thanks Bob

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Do that every 6 months and you've got a deal.


Homer Jones:
Rather than doubling his salary as suggested by the Editor, why not name the bells at the Middle School BOB'S BELLS. Thereafter if the Bd. of Ed. takes no action on reducing the noise level, they would be busting Bob's Bells. Just a suggestion.


--- Quote from: Homer Jones on February 12, 2010, 09:34:25 PM ---BOB'S BELLS
--- End quote ---

Bob's bells?

I haven't owned a pair of bellbottoms in nearly 40 years!

You still sportin' bells, Homer? :o

Homer Jones:
Ol' Homer wore thru many a pair in the Johnson - Nixon days. Never could get the hang of the botton fly on them though.
They looked good with my tire tread sandles I must admit.

Bob's photos of the minutia of Hackensack life today is one reason I logon once a day. I really enjoy the commentary accompanying the photos as well. Maybe we should have a Bob Leafe Appreciation Day,  meet at the White Manna and buy him all the hamburgers (?) he can eat in an hour. 


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