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johnny g:
Hello again, does anyone remember the little market on Jackson Ave. right off of Hudson Street by Costa Bros? Or the candy store on Hudson by the corner of Kennedy, at one time it was called "Tessie's"

There is a clue in this topic: "Memories of the Icehouse Gang"

(mentions a woman named Tessie who lived on Hudson)

johnny g:
That had to be the woman who had the store...i don't remember exactly what the address was but I lived a few doors down from there. Another one was a little store on the corner of Broadway and New St....i think the proper name was Broadway deli but everyone called it Vic's.

Here's one that's really old: Bogert's Candy Kitchen.

Growing up in the 70's and 80's, I would go to Aimees on Anderson or Fonti's on Main Street.  The ice cream truck (still in our neighborhood) was also great for candy.

Once in a while, we'd take the trek to Rocklin's in Teaneck.

In the 60's there was Jack's Candy Store at Poplar on the East side of the tracks. My Uncle told me of another Store at the North end of Main St (east side), on a small plot of land just off the  exit of Rt 4 (there's a for sale sign there now, who knows what could  fit on it). When there was a Lake for swimming and ice skating I gather this was the place to go.


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