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The lake was probably Zabriskie's Pond.  George Scudder mentions the candy story in his Fairmount 1915 paper.

Just a 100 feet or less from the Coles Brook, northern property line, Grand Avenue jutted off at about a 45 degree angle to the right and continued to Hackensack Avenue, a block over the railroad track . This left a triangular piece of land bounded by Main Street on one side, Grand Avenue on the other and Coles Brook on the north and easterly side. It was on this small triangular plot that the building promoters, who were trying to sell and develop this area, built a small real estate office. The name was either Hageman or Jermain. In later years this became a candy, soda and general refreshment store, operated at various periods of time by Browns, Thompsons, Westervelts, Youakims, Roogs. This area became known as "The End" because it was here that the trolley car line ended and the motorman would pull down the pole from the one end of the trolley and release the pole on the other end and guide the pulley onto the electric wire (Photo 7A).  At this point, to the left could be viewed Zabriskie's Pond, (photo #8) this picture used on Society of Fairmount Friends letterhead, with its spillway dam on the southern end and on the northern end the whell gate for opening and closing the pond. In the distant on the north shore, about in line with where Lakeview Street is in River Edge, was the remains of a once well used ice house. (Photo #9 of sluiceway).
(page 10 of the .pdf)

And another candy store:

Proceeding north on the east side of Main, where Johnson Avenue now terminates and where a bank now stands, was Burlews Heal Estate office., (see photo # 4) followed by two houses and then tennis courts, then a couple of more houses and Kippels candy store in an old house on the southeast corner of Main and Voorhis. I remember, as a child, it was quite a few steps up the front, porch to get into the candy store. (page 5 of the .pdf)

Johnnyg: Someone in the know tells me that "Pizza's" was the one on Jackson Avenue.

johnny g:
hmmmm...i'm not sure we're talking about the same one (or maybe it was called that at one time). the one i'm thinking of was right after Costa Bros, close to the corner of Lodi St i believe (or maybe closer to Pink St.) it was seen in the movie Jersey Girl, as the 3 girls walked out to Jackson Ave from behind it. if i remember correctly it had Pepsi decals all over the bottom of the building.

Chief Oratam:

--- Quote from: johnny g on April 21, 2010, 02:19:44 PM --- the movie Jersey Girl,

--- End quote ---

Never saw this Movie....i'll have to keep an eye open for it...Just to see the scenes you speak of Johnny G.....

But I must admit it dosn't sound like my type of movie from the title......

johnny g:
There was a movie made a few years ago with the same title...the one i'm speaking of came out in the early 90's and starred Jami Gertz. It's a "silly love story" (not my kind of film either) but as a Hackensack resident it's fun to see all the old places.
I happened to be coming home one night and saw all the commotion going on over on Lodi St and got to see a scene get filmed, so that was fun.


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