Author Topic: Why I don't post eBay links anymore  (Read 1172 times)

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Why I don't post eBay links anymore
« on: August 18, 2010, 09:20:27 PM »
I've been asked why I don't provide links anymore for the eBay items I post.

Originally, I saw two sides to what I do here: hackensacknow and eBay.........getting images on the server for history's sake and giving people a chance to buy those local-related items.

The eBay side is very time-consuming. It really wasn't necessary, but I always made custom shortened links for each auction.............and the auctions only last a week on average. Try any of the hundreds of links I've posted - none of them work now.

Giving equal weight to the eBay side and the hackensacknow side means I have to post repeat items every time they show up. We don't need 346 copies of every Hackensack card on the server. Now, if a good copy is already on the server, chances are I won't post the item again.

Getting as many old Hackensack images on the server is much more important than trying to fatten the wallet of some eBay seller in Iowa.

If I post something interesting that you might want to buy, but I don't post a link, chances are that you can just try searching "hackensack" on eBay and easily find it yourself.

If you still can't find it, PM me and I'll be happy to provide you with whatever information you need.

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Re: Why I don't post eBay links anymore
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2010, 09:49:40 AM »

I'm very pleased with what you are doing.  I agree that saving the Hackensack images to the server is the priority.

Keep up the good work