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Zoning Board Meeting Results 5/19/04
« on: May 17, 2004, 10:27:37 AM »
The following is an abbreviated Zoning Board docket for May 19, 2004 at 7:30, City Hall, 65 Central.  Results appear in italics.  

1. Roll Call
2. Approval of Minutes
3. Memorialization of Resolution
4. Payment of Bills

5. 240 Jackson Avenue: Louisa Lorenco.  Applicant requests to subdived the existing property which is a nonconforming structure and construct a 2 family dwelling.  Use variance is required because the subdivision would result in the expansion of a nonconformity.

Results:  Denied, despite a very persuasive argument on behalf of the applicant.  This site was formerly Michael's Market.

There was simply too much opposition from the the public in the Jackson Avenue community.  More than 20 people appeared against it and about 5 people spoke out.

Largely, opposition related to parking issues.  Although the revised plan included parking on site, (3 or 4 spaces), photographs brought by one member of the public led at least one board member to question the feasibility of the plan as proposed.  

The applicant had argued that the existing use on the property required no parking at all, and the new proposal made sense because half of the lot would be purely conforming.  

Concerns persisted however, that the site would ultimately expand the nonconforming use by increasing business, and thus traffic, in the neighborhood.  Moreover, the proposed residential portion would contain 5 bedrooms, as opposed to two currently.  Arguably, each bedroom would mean a potential car.

For a discussion of the applicant's prior application several months ago, visit the Hackensack Now archives.  Click here. (Scroll to number 3).

This application was argued for about two hours, causing many of the other applications to be postponed.

6. 35 E. Broadway: Rafeal Paniagua and Juan Baez.  Applicant seeks to demolish the existing dwelling and construct a new two family dwelling.   Generally, applicant's lot size is to small and a variance is requested.  

Result:  I left before this was heard.  Someone please let me know.

7.  383 Central Avenue:  Marie Charlier - Applicant request to construct a 20x22 addition to the rear of the existing dwelling. Generally, setbacks are deficient and variances are requested.

Result: Adjourned.

8. 50 Jay Street: Savouglou - Applicant requests to convert the existing one familiy to a two family dwelling.  Generally, setbacks are deficient and variances are requested.  

Result: Adjourned.

9. 315 Second Street:  Applicant, V&V Realty, c/o Nick Sekas, Esq., seeks to install a 5' x 24' sign.  Code maximum size is two sq. feet.  Proposed sign is 120 Sq. Ft.

Result: Adjourned.

10.  164 Pine:  Victor Chuqui.  Applicant requests to building a 25 x 15 addition to the rear of the existing dwelling.  Generally, setbacks are deficient and variances are requested.  Land coverage amounts are exceeded.

Result: Adjourned.

11.  100 Polifly Road: Omnipoint Communications.  Applicant request to install 12 communication antennas and three equipment cabinents.  This is not allowed by code in the R-3B district.  Antennas are also higher than maximun of 55'.  These are 70'.  Applicant needs variance.

Result: Adjourned.

12.  873 Main:  Omnipoint:  Same as a 11, above, but on Main Street.

Result: Adjourned.

13. 11 East Anderson:  Enterprise Car Rental.  Applicant wants to convert existing business to a rental car facility.  Needs a use variance.  Setbacks are deficient, sq. footage is deficient.  Several variance are needed.

Result: Adjourned.

14. Consideration of previous matters.

15. Consideration of new matters.

16. Adjournment.
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