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Everything's spinning..........
« on: September 26, 2011, 03:50:45 PM »

On Saturday night, I went back to the Leonia carnival at Overpeck Park to see how long exposures on their rides with moving lights would turn out. You may recall the "Fried Fat", "Inverted Woodstocks", and other pictures I took there during daylight hours last week.

As they are an extension of my years of concert lighting photo experiments, moving lights at night are my favorite subject.

Other than the Merry-Go-Round (first image), I'm happy with them.

The Ferris Wheel is the easiest and always comes out the best. If you want to try your hand at it (tripod required for all images), just look at the wheel as it's turning and mentally time how long it takes for a light or bucket at the top to reach the bottom. In the case of the last picture, it was 8 seconds. That's your shutter speed, give or take. The others were 2 seconds or under.

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