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Busy Afternoon
« on: October 03, 2011, 12:40:06 AM »
I walked over to the Sears parking lot/parade staging area, but it was pretty much the same as last year, so I didn't shoot much.

Then there was a "Hawks Over the Hudson" event at the Stateline Lookout in Alpine that featured a kestrel, a peregrine falcon, two kinds of owls, a redtailed hawk (not Hammy), and a golden eagle.

Then it was back to Hackensack.

I've been to the beginning of the Columbus Day Parade, but not to the festival at the end, so I swung by there, albeit too late. When I was a block away, I could hear the chili-eating-contest MC saying, "30 seconds left!", so I only got a shot of the winners and their bags of prize money.

The last photo shows two US flags: one at half-staff and one not. I asked a cop if the half-staff one was for Bill Iurato, but he didn't know.

Anyone here know?

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