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Essex St. Bus Stop
« on: June 18, 2004, 08:12:37 AM »
For several months ( I posted something back in 12/2003 on the old board) there's been a missing garbage can at the Essex St. bust stop nearest to the Lakeshore Learning Store and garbage routinely piles up

So this AM, DPW crew stops by to clean up the station. Their claim as to why there's no garbage can: "Nobody was using it, dumping trash everywhere anyway". Well after a few minutes they realized how that may have sounded.  A better explaination by them was that residents in the garden apartments use the trash can to dump their own garbage in it.

Can people be this lazy not to dump their own garbage in apartment complex dumpster? If the city is having that much trouble maintaining a bus stop - how difficult is it to move the bus stop/shelter?

In all the time I use the bus stop, the stop was never this dirty with a garbage can in place than without one.  The DPW crew claim they would request another garbage can.

A year or two ago the city was testing with a company new bus stops with advertising.  Maintenance  and upkeep of the bus stops were going to be the responsibility of the company. Has anything more come of this test?