Author Topic: Results of City Council Meeting 7/19/04  (Read 3539 times)

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Results of City Council Meeting 7/19/04
« on: July 20, 2004, 02:45:04 AM »
City Manager, James Lacava, was commended for his 34 years of public service (15 as City Manager). The City passed a resolution of appreciation for Mr. Lacava's dedication and for "A Job Well Done". In addition, many residents wished him well and thanked him for his service.

The following summary is from my notes. There was no distibuted docket. As such, my report is sketchy. Please report any inaccuracies and/or additional information. All of the following resolutions were passed:

1. Johnson Public Library improvements: $400k, much or all in the form of bonds or grants.

2. $689K for general improvements (bonds).

3. Ordiance for sidewalk improvements (Approx. $600k).

4. Construction Safety Zones: $238k.

5. Refunds.

6. Emergency expenditure for water main break at Holt and Pink Streets $6500

7. Additional repair to fire ladder engine: $24k (There was an issue here concerning whether or not an official from the Fire Department certified the needed repairs. The Council considered "tableing" the resolution, but ultimately considered the repair emergent).

8. Raffle authorization

9. Louis Garbaccio re-appointed.

10. Police Officer Mike Mordaga (correct title?) was granted a 12 month leave of absence to pursue work for Bergen County.

11. Insertion of $48k to Budget (NJ Depart. of Agriculture).

12. DOT grant of $1M for Hackensack River Walkway.

13. DOT grant $150k for Spring Valley Avenue improvements.

14. NJ Bikeway Program: $1M Main Street Improvement Program

15. Conversent Communications: approval of Operational License Agreement.

16. Bills Paid.

17. State Street School: Extension of Time request from DOT for improvements.

18. DOT $100k in "Safe Streets to Schools" Program.

19. Formal Resolution of appreciation for Retiring City Manager, James Lacava.

Public Comments:

Residents commented on the following issues:

1. Johnson Park Project: One resident felt that much of the land reclamation (from the river) was unnecessary. The new land, he argued, makes more room for unwanted geese. Other portions of project exceeded expectations.

2. All Points Towing: Seeking to obtain a permit to tow for the Police Department.

3. Redevelopment Zone: Many residents expressed concern about whether or not the city should purchase additional properties in the redevelopment area and questioned the council on the process.

4. Home use certification: One resident suggested a resolution mandating that home owners certify that homes are being used in accordance with zoning (not allowing illegal apartments). Some members of the Council, while questioning the legality of the resolution, seemed to like the idea.

5. Teterboro Airport: another redident inquired about whether any Hackensack residents were attending meetings in opposition to Teterboro Airport traffic and volunteered to attend.

6. Finally, Larry Rielly of the Boys and Girls Club, announced that the proposed Boys and Girls Club would accommodate Hackensack children only, not children from other towns. Another resident expressed concern that the proposed Club would bring unwanted traffic from neighboring towns.
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Re: Results of City Council Meeting 7/19/04
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2004, 11:00:20 AM »
There was no distibuted docket.

From your picture, it appears the city clerk was in attendance.

How was a docket not available for distribution?  Ok, perhaps she was on vacation. But I would presume there's a staff that reports to her.  Was the copier broke?

According to the city web site:

The City Clerk as Secretary to the Governing Body, attends all Council Meetings, records minutes, prepares the Docket (Agenda) and resolutions; receive and open bids for equipment and supplies, etc.; administers and records Oaths of Office: process correspondence, records, file and advertise ordinances; acts as liaison between the public and the governing body

The city should be posting dockets and meeting results on the official web site too.

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Re: Results of City Council Meeting 7/19/04
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2004, 11:30:47 AM »
The City Clerk, Debra Heck, was in attendance. (far left).

Councilwoman, Juanita Trammell, was not in attendance. 

In all fairness, I did not see a distributed docket when I got there just before 8pm.  It is possible that all the copies were taken before I got there.  If so, this is the first time that's happened since I've been attending the meetings.  There was a "master docket" posted on the wall.