Author Topic: Car accident at Passaic and Union  (Read 1564 times)

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Car accident at Passaic and Union
« on: May 13, 2012, 04:16:05 PM »
I didn't see or hear it happen, but I saw all the emergency lights flickering on my apartment walls sometime after 12:30am last night. I saw two cars that I think were involved - well, one was definitely involved.

First picture: The presumed owner of the car on the far right on Passaic St is on the corner in a white shirt, probably on his cell phone. The obviously-damaged other car is nearest to me on Union St. The number of police cars varied and there was also an ambulance (lit up like a Christmas Tree) on Passaic St and a fire vehicle behind it.

I don't know if another involved car was on Passaic St (blocked by the First Presbyterian Church) - I saw a gurney come out of the ambulance, but didn't see it go back in. I would think if it was there to help someone in the one of the two visible cars, it would be parked closer to that car.

Second picture: Before I saw the damage to the car, I thought I saw people in the front seat. I KNOW I see a someone in the driver's seat and he appears to be turned to someone, but when you look at the damage on the passenger side, I doubt that there is a passenger there or else the car would be surrounded by EMS people.

Third picture: You can see the glass from the collision in the street. All the flashing emergency lights are coloring the glass blue and the street reddish.

Fourth picture: The tow truck pulls the car up.

If anyone has any details to add, please post.

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