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1842 Mark
« on: July 05, 2012, 12:12:14 AM »
I believe Homer will follow up with more about the picture below.  If not, the mystery behind this mark may be lost forever. Does anyone know where it is?

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Re: 1842 Mark
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2012, 06:51:16 AM »
Doesn't look like anybody discovered the location of the marker, so here goes. Going back to ancient history, that is the 1960's, there was a business then known as DiSalvo's Sanitary Seafood Market located at the corner of what was then the intersection of Main Street and Warren Street. Ol' Homer used to go there every Friday afternoon to pick up fish for dinner. This was before supermarkets like ShopRite and Pathmark came into play with their large seafood departments.
In the mid 1970's the buildings where DiSalvo's was located as well as the other buildings were cleared so that the City could extend Atlantic Street. As the demolition was proceeding there was one building remaining which I think might have been 14 Warren Street. This was if I remember correctly a large 2 1/2 story red brick building which had the numbers 1842 located at the peak of the roof facing Main Street. You couldn't notice the numbers previously because there was another house next to it which hid the numbers. One day I was watching the demolition and started to talk to one of the City inspectors on the job who told me that the City was going to ask the contractor to try and save these numbers.
When Ol' Homer saw the site plan for the proposed new park behind the new cultural center, I took a walk down there and saw that the City had indeed saved these numbers and had them set in concrete right where the present Warren Street curves into Atlantic Street which was about where 14 Warren street once stood.
Just think: 14 Warren Street was built before Abraham Lincoln was president and before the start of the Civil War. This concrete marker with the numbers might be a nice inclusion in the new park area.