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Victor E Sasson:
At The Record, editors are barking up the wrong tree:

so many trees are gone from Euclid Ave now, its hardly recognizable from when we grew up.  used to be one huge tree dead center of each property and one on each corner of the property.  80% are now gone.

I'm sorry, I don't understand.  I couldn't find The Record article online.  What did it say? Can you post it?   

Yes, the street will never look the same.  I have pictures from the late 60's early 70's that show a dense canopy over the whole street.  They were mostly swamp maples, though some have said Norway maples.  The problem, of course, is that after 75 years or so, they become tremendous liabilities.  They can cut homes in half, destroy cars and injure people when they crash down.  We just paid $1800 to remove a maple on our property that was falling apart.  That included stump grinding. We'll also need to replace part of the sidewalk a tree limb damaged.   

We planted four ornamental pear trees on the curb.  Not quite as "majestic", but more managable over the long term. 

remember those days, you couldnt stand in the middle of the street and see the sky.  all those trees were planted when they built the first two houses in 1893. only a few of the originals still stand.

Victor E Sasson:
North Jersey Media Group -- which fled Hackensack in 2009 -- says its 20 acres on River Street are for sale:


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