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Victor E Sasson:
Business group fails Main Street again

(Editor's Note: The information contained in this link is erroneous and the blogger has failed to correct it.)

Four eateries from the Business Improvement District are participating in the Taste of Hackensack with full support from the Upper Main Alliance.  The Upper Main Alliance has been in regular contact with the Blue and Gold for weeks on this.

You couldn't be more wrong and you should correct your blog.

In his EOTR blog, vsasson stated very inaccurately that the Alliance was not participating in the upcoming "Taste of Hackensack".  He made no attempt to check with the Alliance about its participation. The Alliance is participating in the event.   

Vsasson has clearly violated this site's Registration Agreement terms not to post false or inaccurate statements. As a result, all of vsasson's future posts will be screened. For the record: this is the practice he currently uses on his own blog, wherein he screens all posts for content.

Also, this "Eye on the Record" topic thread has overstayed its welcome on this site and will likely be deleted in the near future. I am closing posting for this thread now. 

Albert Dib


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