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2013 City Council Campaign Announcement

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Victor E Sasson:
Meet and greet with Victor E. Sasson at the Dunkin' Donuts on Passaic Street, near the railroad tracks, on Saturday, March 9, from 10 a.m. to noon, to discuss his candidacy for the City Council and Eye on The Record. He will have nominating petitions to sign, if you wish to do so. Here is his platform, modified slightly from when he posted it originally:


I am Victor E. Sasson, a former reporter and copy editor at The Record of Hackensack, and I have owned a home in Hackensack since August 2007. Now, I am running as an Independent for the Hackensack City Council on a quality of life platform. The election will be held on May 14, 2013, and I need 250 signatures from registered voters to get on the ballot. If elected, I will:

Work with Teterboro Airport to reduce aircraft noise, and work with federal officials to get a mandatory curfew on flights between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.
Get Hackensack to purchase more efficient vehicles, including hybrids, for the Police Department and other agencies.
Explore government grants to add hybrids to the city’s fleet, and encourage the installation of more solar panels on city owned property.
Start collection of garbage and recyclables after 6:30 a.m.
Ban commercial landscaping work on Sundays.
Encourage police to establish routine patrols of neighborhoods, if that isn’t being done now. Get police to crack down on speeders, stop-sign violators and loud motorcycles.
Encourage the city to undertake a major program to repave streets.
Have turn lanes installed on Passaic Street, at Summit Avenue, and at other traffic bottlenecks.
Encourage the non-profit Hackensack University Medical Center to pay more to the city in lieu of taxes.
Encourage the City Council to deliver a property tax cut to residents by passing along some of the additional tax revenue from major building projects, and gasoline and electricity savings.
Call me with suggestions: 201-488-3012

Please use this topic for all future campaign annoucements, platform positions, etc.

Start collection of garbage and recyclables after 6:30 a.m

Its great that you have a slew of ideas, and are prepared.    I do have to tell you though, on this one, its not practical.  collection is started early for two reasons, Traffic and the dump schedule.  later start on collection means it will  take longer to accomplish the routes, especially those on busy roads. it is also safer for crews to be out there when traffic is lighter.    The dump schedule is another and most important consideration, it opens early and closes early. later starts may mean that the trucks wont make their slots. 

also, turn lanes on Passaic at Summit wont work either, because the road is too narrow at that point to accomodate 3 lanes without using eminent domain to take land from the 4 corner property owners, and possibly others down the street to widen out the road.

Victor E Sasson:
So take the property. Why inconvenience thousands of motorists, not to mention the waste of gasoline and increased pollution, just to maintain our antiquated road system. There are lots on intersections that can be improved, widened etc., all for the public good.

Victor E Sasson:
Hackensack also collects garbage in Maywood. Why not start there before 6 a.m. and let us sleep in so to speak?


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