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2013 City Council Campaign Announcement

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Victor E Sasson:
Shoes shined? That is racist.

It's well-known summer school students are mostly disadvantaged and minorities, so suggesting they shouldn't have a vegetable garden or good nutrition made available to them is racist. But the vegetables would be available to all the students, whether they are attending classes or not.

I was really hoping you would not go there. Do you even realize how far you just put your foot in your mouth? You can explain it away anyway you want. On it's face your comment about summer school students is offensive.

I'm sorry if I offended you with my comments about shoeshiners, Mr. Sasson. That wasn't my intention. I was commenting on your apparent abilities as they relate to the job you would do, but it was a poor analogy.

I also didn't mean to offend you. I didn't realize you were a disadvantaged, minority summer school student. You should go back. I hear they might get a vegetable garden in Hackensack.

Victor E Sasson:
If elected, I would require all city employees to live in Hackensack so that everything they do helps residents.


Victor E. Sasson, a former reporter and copy editor at The Record who is running as an independent in the May 14 City Council election, is asking for your vote.

I am running on a quality of life platform that seeks to rein in property tax increases and improve city services.

The election is the most important in decades, and will determine if Hackensack -- widely mocked as “Zisaville” -- will finally be able end the corrupt rule of the Zisa family.

My name will appear at the bottom of a column of 10 other candidates seeking 5 seats -- symbolizing how I will get to the bottom of things.

Vote for Sasson, Canestrino, Sims, Greenman and Battaglia.

If elected, I will:

End the patronage mill at City Hall.
Cut the city budget by $2 million and maintain services.
Sell up to 15 cars now being driven home by city employees.
Require city employees to live in Hackensack.
Work with Teterboro Airport to reduce aircraft noise.
Encourage the non-profit Hackensack University Medical Center to pay more to the city in lieu of taxes (over).
Stop a 19-story, long-term, acute-care hospital from going up between Prospect and Summit avenues, near Golf Place.
Get Hackensack to purchase more efficient vehicles, and install more solar panels on city buildings and schools.
Start collection of garbage and recyclables after 6:30 a.m.
Ban commercial landscaping work on Sundays.
Get police to crack down on speeders, stop-sign violators and loud motorcycles, and earmark extra revenue for street repairs.
Encourage the city to undertake a major program to repave streets. Have turn lanes installed on Passaic Street, at Summit Avenue, and at other traffic bottlenecks.
Improve the food at Hackensack High School, and encourage administrators to plant vegetable gardens at all of the schools to fight the obesity epidemic.
Encourage the City Council to deliver a property tax cut to residents by passing along some of the additional tax revenue from major building projects, and gasoline and electricity savings.
Call me with suggestions or if you need a ride to the polls: 201-488-3012.

Follow me on Twitter/@vsasson
Read my blogs:
Eye on The Record
Do You Really Know What You’re Eating?

Hackensack judge to review complaint on city councilman stealing opponents campaign signs

SATURDAY APRIL 13, 2013, 5:12 PM

HACKENSACK – A city judge will review a complaint Monday that was filed against a council candidate accused of stealing his opponents’ campaign signs.

City police say surveillance videotape shows Kenneth Martin removing four signs that had been located outside the Hackensack Market, at 120 Passaic St. Martin, a retired Hackensack police detective, is running on the Coalition for Open Government line.

On the video, he is spotted removing the signs for the Citizens for Change team and placing them in his trunk. Council candidate Leo Battaglia filed a complaint Friday accusing Martin of theft of movable property, said Hackensack Police Director Michael Mordaga.

“There are video cameras on the building,” Mordaga said. “The video does confirm that Mr. Martin removed those signs from private property.”

Martin declined to comment on the matter Saturday when reached by phone. He said Battaglia was using the allegation “to distract residents from what I’m trying to do in the city.”

Battaglia said the theft showed a lack of integrity. “We don’t touch any of his signs,” he said. “This is stealing. He should be an example for the community.”

Hackensack Market manager Bhavesh Patel said the individuals who put up the signs asked his permission, but that Martin didn’t ask his permission to remove them. He said it was possible that another manager spoke to Martin, but he was not sure.

Councilman John Labrosse, who is running for reelection with Citizens for Change, said his team was concerned because a few dozen signs have gone missing. “You work hard to get them out there and put them up and all of a sudden they’re gone,” he said.


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