Author Topic: 10 views from the Rt 46 Hackensack River Bridge  (Read 2735 times)

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10 views from the Rt 46 Hackensack River Bridge
« on: March 27, 2013, 01:01:02 AM »
If you drive over the bridge, you might see two of them.

Last Sunday was my first time walking over it, starting at the Little Ferry Circle (north side) and heading east to the next available Rt 46 crosswalk - Ridgefield Ave in Ridgefield Park.

Here's what I saw:

1. Oh, darn! I had planned on diving for loitering crabs.

2. Mallard mud muckers

3. Since it was too early in the day to watch the movie screen at the old Hackensack Drive-In and too Sunday to get my car inspected at the Motor Vehicle Inspection Station next to it, I settled for taking this shot of Hackensack buildings.

4. (I'm on the south side now) Pretty fancy wash tub

5. The sidewalk looks like it's about to collapse.

6,7. This was pretty amazing - I didn't even notice the unborn star of the shot until I got home and saw it on my monitor. I don't know if these geese are lazy or brilliant. Assuming that's what I think it is, has anyone else ever seen or heard of geese putting eggs in perfect-size holes in pilings to incubate? I can't find another shot like it.

8. If the previous two pix are a goose family home, this must be a bachelor pad. I love what he's done with the place. The exotic plant is a nice touch.

9. No more "Freedom Tower" and no more "One World Trade Center"'s been renamed yet again.

10. This was pretty cool. I had seen (and heard) what looked like 10 or so bikes on Bergen Turnpike (background). I couldn't see which way there were turning on 46, until I heard the approaching roar. I got off two shots. The first was of the whole group, but it was too rushed and completely out of focus. This is the second shot - the tail 3 - and one guy popped a little wheelie for me.

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