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Hackensack "Boat Jumpers" Club


I found this on ebay:

Hackensack Boat Jumpers Club:

"The organization - named in honor of Italians who illegally entered the country by jumping from ships - was started in 1957 by Phil Mancini and Pat DiZenzo and Al Degreco. This was a group of Italian American Lawyers, Judges, and businessmen who have shaped the city of Hackensack and Bergen County. My Uncle, Philip Mancinni, was a prominent member of this group and delighted in the fact that this was an exclusive, members only, Mens club. It’s “Our Thing” he used to call it. He saved these annual newpapers which contained hundreds of photos of many of Hackensack’s movers and shakers. These newspapers contain stories about the local judges, lawyers, and Italian businessmen." [link dead]

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