Author Topic: PHOTOS: The 2014 Hackensack Street Festival  (Read 959 times)

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PHOTOS: The 2014 Hackensack Street Festival
« on: September 30, 2014, 05:00:48 PM »
September 27, 2014

1. 11:45am - From home, I could see the stage and someone checking sound. They didn't do a very good job of checking the mic that Mayor LaBrosse used. More on that later.

2. From the same perspective an hour later, this message was high in the eastern sky. That last word is "America", but it's too scrunched together to be readily legible. Actually, the upside-down version of this is what I saw, so I'm guessing it was meant to be read in Manhattan, but I have no idea why it was there. It's really unrelated to the festival, but since I could see it and the stage at the same time, it's visually linked.

3. The Stage - usually at a concert, there's a wooden barrier to separate the crowd from the stage (the space in-between is the pit where the photographers shoot from), but Hackensack had a Pumpkin Pit..........and it worked just as well. The photographers didn't even need to use it.

4. I was with Frank - a music photographer friend of mine - and we had an hour-and-a-half to kill before Average White Band went on, so we decided to stroll the length of the festival, which I thought was ending at Atlantic St. More on that later.

Frank hadn't been to our Street Festival before, so I wanted to show him what all the hoopla was about. The library spelled it out for him.

5. If ya got'em, smoke'em.

6. This was the scene when we got to Mercer St. I asked an HFD official what happened to the rest of the festival:

"It ends at Mercer St."

"Not according to the ads - what happened?"

"There are issues and you can't go further."

He refused to elaborate on what the issues were, but I found out later that bricks had fallen from the old bank building at Main and Mercer and ALL vendors and booths that were to be south of Mercer had to be jammed in somewhere amongst all the other ones that already occupied all the space between Mercer and Passaic St.

That Herculean task fell to event organizer Albert Dib to solve..........somehow, he did.

In an unrelated post this week, I suggested that if/when the city gets around to creating such a group, it should be called "The Hackensack HistoricAL Society". Perhaps we should now have "The Main Street FestivAL".

7. As I was shooting something else, Frank tapped me on the shoulder. He pointed down behind me and I took this picture.

8, 9. Not everyone was on the same page, but it was an interesting demonstration.

10. Mario thought the Festival was Super.

11. Are those scorch marks on the ceiling?

12. I couldn't tell if this was a ride, a kissing booth, or a petting zoo. Whatever it was, no one was lining up.

13. Hmmm...........any particular reason why a HUMC "fitness & wellness" table was set up in front of the Riviera Lounge?

14. "A Salute (upper right) To Hair" - green, blue, or in a whipping tail

15. Before AWB came on, a trio of dancers was getting into it near the stage. The guy in the center was really good.

16. Mayor LaBrosse tried to introduce AWB, but his microphone kept cutting out. You'd think a political rival named Snidely Whiplash was under the stage playing with a remote on/off mic switch.

17, 18, 19. Average White Band. I couldn't stay long, so didn't shoot a whole lot.

20. Bonus: Frank was getting some food, so - while I waited - I took 10 pictures in a circle to see if it would stitch together. Overall, it's not bad. The problem is that people move and buildings don't. That's why there are 3 half-people (check out the woman with the Tedesco hand fan - she got split, but the building above her didn't). One guy in a gray flannel shirt and a skull cap is in 3 frames (2 1/2 times) because he was moving in the same direction I was.

So there you have it. A good time was had by all, but I still want to see Blue Oyster Cult play there next year.

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