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EltonJohnLennon - a photo I took 40 years ago tonight
« on: November 28, 2014, 09:21:53 PM »
I just found this video. It's bits and pieces of a show that occurred on one of the most magical nights of my life - November 28, 1974 - when John Lennon made a guest appearance at an Elton John Show at Madison Square Garden.

My date and I were in the 11th row, seated - by chance - next to Yoko Ono. We chatted a bit and she wound up taking a few shots with my camera (!) of what would turn out to be Lennon's last public performance. She signed our tickets and wrote her name and address on a scrap of paper so I could send her the pix.

Lennon had been on an 18-month hiatus from his relationship with Yoko at the time - a period he referred to as his "Lost Weekend". When he left the stage that night, Yoko left her seat and went backstage where they reunited. On my site, I jokingly wrote that I was the last man to be with Yoko before she went back to John Lennon.

There was no known video of the show until very recently, when someone who was a fan with a new Super 8 video camera that night came out with these non-continuous bits.

I just happened to come across it tonight on Elton's site while reminiscing on the anniversary. The kicker to all this is that the still "cover" photo on the video is a fuzzy copy of one of the shots I took that night! It was probably stolen from my site (which is currently down).

No one asked my permission, so I think I'm gonna have to have a serious talk with someone real soon.

The vid is on this page:

The 3 songs EltonJohnLennon performed that night are on Elton's "Here and There" album and can also be found online.

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