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I need a phone/answering machine repair


My mother gave me this unit 25 years ago, so I'd like to maintain it. It's a Panasonic KX-T2432 with incoming and outgoing tapes.

It's a great phone/answerer that's worked perfectly until a few days ago. It took a message and when I got home, I heard a loud constant clicking sound - a click that I hear when it starts and disengages the tape during recording. The clicking only stops now when the power is cut.

The tape has not disengaged and I can't move it. I managed to rewind a bit of it in case it was the tape, but it didn't help, so I guess it's the mechanism.

I've Googled and called places, but no one seems to offer last-century phone/answerer technology repairs.

SOMEBODY must. Any handymen or ideas out there? I'd like to keep it local.

Send me a PM.


johnny g:
That's cool that you still have one, I always liked answering machines...they were always on display at all the stores, Bradlees..Valley Fair..pretty pricey back in their day too..good luck with the repairman

Homer Jones:
Add a couple of bucks to your phone bill and you can get call answering, call forwarding and call whatevering.

I have that option for free, but I'd like to at least try to preserve the machine.

Techie relative dropped by and got the tape out, but locking mechanism is the problem, so now it's just a phone.


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