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johnny g:
Hey gang, I was curious if anyone remembered the name of the place on the corner of Lodi St and So. State St many years ago, I think it was Daddy-O's or something like that? It changed names many times..curious if anyone remembers the name changes. Also the place on the corner of Lodi and Green St. Another "many turnover" spot. I can't help thinking that particular spot would get flooded a lot. Also there was an italian restaurant north of that corner who's name I can't remember..

Homer Jones:
Are you thinking of Pinto's on Greene Street?

Top of the Hill:
It was Pinto's on Green St, north of Lodi. They had the best muscles in marinara sauce. The place was always jumping off on a Friday or Saturday night, 45-50 years ago. The establishment on the corner of Lodi and Green was at one time named the Capital Restaurant. I believe the building was owned by the Santora family who lived upstairs and the mom ran the restaurant for many years, then leased it to other operators. The dad was a custodian with the Hackensack school system. All/many of the sons worked for the Sunshine Pickle factory that was located behind the building. I think the son I was friends with is still with Sunshine, but out in Las Vegas now.

johnny g:
Pinto's sounds right! I think I was there once in the 80's....and Capital also sounds right, I don't think I was ever in there though

Top of the Hill:
In my 20's I used to go to the Capital on Saturday mornings and have breakfast at the counter while reading the Daily News. It was always slow there on Saturday. Decent food, cheap prices. The place on the corner of So. State and Lodi used to be a pizza place when I hung out in that neighborhood in the mid seventies. King Pizza? Pizza King?.... I never went there. There seemed like there was never any activity there, so I figured it probably wasn't good.


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