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Homer Jones:
And if you ever frequented the restaurant when it was Club 80, then you knew who owned it which is why you went out of your way to go there.

johnny g:
I never went there, so I cannot say I know the reason..

Long Ago:
It’s been interesting reading the comments on this thread.  Growing up in Hackensack during the 1940s & 1950s, I never went to very many restaurants, but I do remember two of them.  One was located on Main Street a few doors south of the Oritani Theater on the same side of the block.  I don’t recall the name of the place, but it was usually busy and the food was good.

The other place was a bar & restaurant named Cavalli’s.  It was an older establishment that was in business until the early 1950s.  The exact location escapes me, but it was near a bank on a busy commercial road.  I’m not sure if it was within Hackensack borders or in an adjacent community.  The restaurant had the tastiest pizza, and the owner/chef would make it in the kitchen on the lower level.  When the food was ready, it would be sent upstairs to the main floor via pulleys on a dumbwaiter, where a waitress would retrieve it and serve it to the customers.

The first time I ever saw a TV set was at the bar of this restaurant.  It was one of the first places to have a TV set, and I still remember a large “Television” sign that was placed in the window to attract patrons.  It was also a popular place for sailors on leave after arriving in NYC, and the owner would sometimes accept payment for drinks in foreign coins.  Then he would give a few of the coins to kids as a freebie.  I got a few coins from China and South American countries, which was the first time I had seen such currency.  For me, it was a memorable place.  :)

johnny g:
There's a pizza place on Hudson St right next to the firehouse across from Hackensack Pastry shop that always changed hands. Does anyone know what some of the names were back in the late 70's/early 80's?
After my paper route sometimes I'd go in there for a slice..

Daddy’s was on sour State street really good and reasonable food The owner sold and bought Bennys luncheonette tin Fair Lawn which he was bought out of by his partner a few years later. Sals good Eats  is on green street it is owned by the family who owned Rudy’s Resturaunt on Anderson ave in the late 80s They sold and opened a airline catering place when the economy filled in the early 2000s they opened Sals good eats as a way to not lay off any workers


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