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Homer Jones:
I think that everybody is right on all counts. At one point in time Daddyo's (sp) was there on South State Street. I remember eating there once. The name changed quite often.

The Capital (o) Restaurant was on the Northeast corner of Lodi and Greene. That whole area was constantly under water.

Pinto's was a great restaurant. On Sunday afternoon local families ate in the front while there was a back room where families with kids would be directed to and the kids would run around without disturbing the diners in the front room.

About twenty years ago a funeral parlor establishment wanted to purchase the property for use as a crematorium.
This was not a popular application to the Board of Adjustment and was rejected. Mussels in marinara wins out every time.

johnny g:
King of Pizza was on So State by Coast Automotive, I would go there often as a kid...small place but really good pizza

Chief Oratam:
In the 60's & 70's it was Helen's Hut.serving the best cheese steaks.. Pat' s & Geno's  of Philly have nothing over ...Helen ' s Hut.

But later on in 80's at the top of the rt  46  hill in lodi across  from Hank's Franks in the modern propane mini mall there was a place called Philly Willy's ... oh man he had topped H.H.....that was the best cheese steaks ever.. but it was a bad location. ..he lasted  2 years or so

After  it was Helen' s Hut that location was Taste of Italia another good  place for a good meal....the owner took I'll and his wife ran it into the ground. ... then Daddy's. ... and about 7 fly by night places since...

johnny g:
Taste of Italia is the name I most remember (I knew there was one specific I had forgotten)
I was a big Hanks Franks fan back in the day, I don't remember the place across the highway though. Hanks had great egg creams too. That was a regular Saturday stop for me in the 80's

Top of the Hill:
ah.. Helen's Hut, that is what it was, when I used to hang out in that part of town. Again, I never ate there as it always looked like empty. Looks like I missed out.

On another note, Coast Automotive was mentioned in a post and I saw online that Andrew "Andy" Salnick, who, with his family owned Coast, passed away. He was a great guy, friendly, funny and always letting us teens hang out in his store, talking cars with him, his workers and his customers. A wealth of racing knowledge passed through that place. We always purchased our speed parts from Coast. Me and my buddies kept a bunch of pretty cool cars running and upgraded through Coast. 67 Mustang, 63 Nova, 66 Chevelle, 70 Chevelle, 70 Duster, 56 BelAir. Good times. Sad to see Andy leave so early.


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