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Planning Board Results 10/13/04
« on: October 13, 2004, 04:30:53 PM »

In accordance with Public Law 1975. Chapter 231. "Open Public Meetings Act", the PLANNING BOARD of the CITY OF HACKENSACK will conduct a public meeting WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2004, at City Hall. 65 Central Avenue. Hackensack, NJ, at 7:00 P.M. The purpose of this meeting is to consider the below listed items, and, if possible, render formal decisions. PLEASE NOTE: The order of applications may be modified by the Chairperson at his discretion.
1.   Roll Call.

2.   Approval of bills.

3.   Consideration of minutes of the meeting of SEPTEMBER 8, 2004.

4.   Memorialization of resolutions from meeting of September 8, 2004:
a)SP#12-03 & V#36-03, MARICA JULIA, LLC. 493 Essex Street. APPROVEDw/conditions.
b)SUB#759-04. EUGENIA LOURENCO. 276/282 James Street APPROVED.
c)SUB #760-04 & V#30-04, CARLOS DA ROCHA. 76 LODI STREET. BLOCK 57, LOT 4. DENIED.

5.   SUB #758-04, SITE PLAN #11-04 & VARIANCE #23-04, AUTO ZONE
RETAIL STORE. EAST ATLANTIC STREET @ MOORE STREET. BLOCK 204, LOTS 13/19 & BLOCK 203, LOT 17. Applicant requests approval to construct a retail auto parts store and construct additional parking offsite. The following were found to be deficient: 1 )Subdivision required to merge (consolidate) lots at Block 204
2)Site Plan required, pursuant to Ord. #175-44(A)
3)lnsufficient Parking:
Required 42 Proposed on site 16
Proposed off siteJJ
TOTAL   24
4) Proposed signs exceed maximum of permitted principal pursuant to#175-14(F)b: Required:   Corner Lot 2        -      Proposed 3
5) Proposed pylon sign exceeds permitted height:
Required 16'   -      Proposed 24'
6) Proposed pylon sign exceeds maximum square feet permitted:
Required 12 s.f.   -      Proposed 73 s.f.
7) Proposed monument sign in offsite parking lot not permitted pursuant to Ordinance 175-24C.10 - Variance required.
8. Such other variances as may be required
CONTINUED FROM 7/14/04 & 8/11/04 & ADJOURNED FROM 9/8/04

Status: Approved with facade and landscape changes.

6. Omitted

7.   SITE PLAN #12-04 & VARIANCE #29-04.KRF/TESTRITE INSTRUMENT. 214-234 SOUTH NEWMAN STREET. BLOCK 95. LOTS 1 & l.F. ZONE M-l MANUFACTURING ZONE. Applicant requests raising existing grade of parking lot by approximately 36 inches and provide a new lot design. The following were found to be deficient:
a)Pursuant to Ordinance #175-44. site plan approval is require
b)Insufficient parking provided:    Required 131 - Provided 74.
c)Such other variances as may be required CONTINUED FROM 9/8/03.

Status:  Adjouned pending additional findings.

8. SITE PLAN #13-04 & VARIANCE #V32-04. SARAH RASTOGL M.D.. 140 SUMMIT AVENUE. BLOCK 241. LOT 4. ZONE R-l. ONE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL. Applicant requests permission to construct an office addition to the rear of your existing residence, requiring the following:
1) Insufficient driveway width for one-way use. Required 10' - Existing 9.30'
2) Site plan must be submitted in accordance with the requirements set forth in #175-44.
3) Proposed addition exceeds maximum of l/3rd the area of the floor area of the first floor.
Proposed First Floor residential area 2615 Sq. ft. x 30% = 755 sq. ft. permitted office space Proposed Office area, 1028 Sq. Ft. - 40% of first floor
4) Proposed parking lot exceeds maximum allowable impervious coverage: Required 50% of rear yard/Proposed 57%.
5) Such other variances as may be required. CONTINUED FROM 9/8/03 & ADJOURNED TO 10/13/04

Status:  approved with reduced addition size and other considerations.

9. New Business

10. Public Comments

11. Adjournment.

NOTE:  When the case is called you may appear either in person or by attorney and present any testimony which you may have concerning the application. All documents relating to the applications can be inspected in the office of the Building, Housing Land Use Department. 65 Central Avenue. Hackensack. during normal business hours, Monday to Friday, or by appointment.

Fernando Garip, Jr. Chairman
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