Author Topic: Non-construction photos taken from the BC Courthouse parking garage  (Read 1713 times)

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North, South, East and West - there's a lot to see from the top floor of the garage.

1. Enlightenment's backside

2, 3. Holy Trinity Church and Sears (a mile away) as seen through and next to the NEW BC Courthouse parking garage, taken from the old garage.

4. The top (5th) floor of the old parking garage

5. The Pep Boys' bridges: Court St, Railroad (and still a bit of the trolley bridge) and the Midtown Bridge

6, 7. The late, great Costco with some work being done on the right side roof section

8. River St, seagulls, the homeless shelter, the Bergen County jail, Route 80 and Manhattan

9, 10, 11. In the southwest corner of the garage are the elevators. You have to go through a door to get to them. On Sunday, there were two birds trapped in the enclosed elevator area. Since the door wouldn't stay open by itself, I held it open for a while to let them get out, but they wouldn't come near it because a human was standing there. I took some pictures of them, but it wasn't easy because they kept darting around from wall to wall.

Click to enlarge.

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