Author Topic: Open House party with Dr Dunk, DDS  (Read 4021 times)

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Open House party with Dr Dunk, DDS
« on: August 18, 2016, 06:31:01 PM »
Twenty-eight years later, I'm still seeing new things to shoot in the neighborhood from home. I saw this being put together yesterday afternoon. I thought maybe it was my surprise birthday party, but it was a first anniversary open house event  for a dental clinic with a State Street name (where they used to be), a Main Street address, and - from my vantage point - an entrance and parking lot on Ward Street, where the festivities took place. There seemed to be a cooperative arrangement with close-by parking lots, as evidenced by the placement of "Park Here" signs..............good thing, because there were a LOT of attendees.

That sideways thing in the second image is a dunk tank. Someone - I think it was one of the dentists - put on a ridiculously-funny fairy outfit (? - I think I saw wings early on), a pink inflatable tube (hey, he could drown if he forgot to stand up) and something that looked like a tiara on his head. He got dunked several times. You can see clinic people taking practice shots beforehand...............sans Very Fairy Princess, however.

I couldn't see the actual dunking from my angle, but I could see the splash and him/her climbing back up to the seat. In one of the pictures, I joined two shots to get two consecutive views in one pic of him pulling up his skirt, while a woman in the middle appears to be laughing (or throwing down snacks............or both). In one sequence that I didn't get to shoot, there was a little girl winding up to throw the ball. She hesitated with her arm up in the air and then suddenly ran to the target, hit it with her hand (or with the ball in her hand) and soaked Dr Dunk. It made me laugh...........I hope someone gave her a prize or something.

Eventually, the shadows got long, the crowd thinned, and it was Last Call at the ice cream truck, which, I'm guessing provided free goodies throughout. Having that truck there seemed like a smart investment for a place that fixes children's teeth.

The last thing I saw worth shooting was the truck that presumably brought the dunk tank.

So that's what the target looked like.

There were other things going on, but 22 Ward blocked the view. Maybe next year, they'll have the building moved to accomodate a lazy photographer.


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