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Hudson (St) Recreation Tavern owner-to-nephew 1942 PC

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I'm guessing at the relationship in the title. The main owner is "J.Ostrowski", the writer is "Uncle John", the nephew is "J. Ostrowski" (called "Chiz" by Uncle John). Of course, the nephew - an Army private in WWII-ravaged Wyoming - could be the owner, but he'd be kind of an old private because the other owner would be his son, according to the card, making "Uncle John" way older.


See also:

Not sure if any relation, but Edward Ostrowski was one of the original Housing Authority members:

(Resolution 19).

Homer Jones:
I think that if Mr. Editor could reach out to former Mayor Kaz Wysocki whose business is across the Street at PMC , he or members of the family can give you all the details.

johnny g:
Great find....I don't know if this pertains, but when I was a kid attending Immaculate Conception School two nights a week I worked bingo. One of the elderly ladies that was a regular there was a kindly woman named Nellie Ostrowski, who lived on Shafer Place...which was right there off Hudson. She never mentioned a bar, but probably was related to that family. This was late 70's, and she was close to 80 years old then.

john ostrowski is in the picture of the bowling ally behind the bar. i am not sure who he wrote to . so far i believe it was his nephew. i am doing the ancestry .com and have located pictures and relatives. my mother was an ostrowski. they were about 6 families and they all lived on Hudson, Washington st, and Scaffer. john had a cafe ,bowling ally and a bakery. Nellie and Edward were brother were and sister. they were my mothers aunt and uncle . my mother was jean ostrowski and her father was Paul.  Edward died from a gas explosion i.while checking a leak in the ground. john died when his business caught fire fell ,down stairs and hit head think he had a heart attack. i am looking for relatives and  old pictures of Hudson st that might show the businesses. any help is appreciated. mom said Nelli was a very nice lady. i even found a distant relative that had a picture her.


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