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PARENTS becareful
« on: December 07, 2004, 10:11:12 AM »
Parents be careful Hackensack has issued all the youth programs a form for parents to sign. What this form is stating that you are signing your childs rights away. This is ILLEGAL. What they want you to believe is that its a normal form for you to sign to allow your child to play, but the bottom line is that they are trying to push all legal obligations from the city,

     If anyone knows Hackensack there is a cover up somewhere for something.

If you look at the fields your child plays on, you see many things that are wrong and why  the City is having the parent sign that if their child gets hurt they will not sure the city. This is wrong!

     Look at the fences they are all put up incorrectly and unsafe. The post should be towards the outside of the fencing, none are. The fields have large holes and groves in them where child can get hurt. The girls fields in Foschinni are terrible. They have glass in the dirt everywhere since it was a recycle center at that point years ago it all comes to the surface. The city each year throws dirt on it but it does not do the job. The fields are very unsafe and the city will not allow a fence to be put up to keep the players from going into the large holes or woods. The Backstops are all pieced together and points are sticking out which are child eye level.

The Geese are terrible and out of control on all the fields children are playing in their crap, very nasty and disgusting.

The football field in bad shape many ridges and holes fences all put up wrong.

Soccer the million dollar field is great but what about the fields that they practice on very unsafe.

So as a parent if you sign that form and your child gets hurt by one of the above problems then the City is not taking blame and as they state they have very limited insurance so you must have good insurance  yourself.

I contacted Rutgers and they had informed me that this form is ILLEGAL and that parents should contact a lawyer.

In which I did and said that a group of parents need to stand together and fight this form because it is Illegal to sign your childs rights away but with all the safety problems it  is just a way the City is trying to protect themselves from being sued because of their neglect.