Author Topic: Black Sabbath played in Paramus! (sponsored by a church!)  (Read 120 times)

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Black Sabbath played in Paramus! (sponsored by a church!)
« on: October 11, 2017, 02:55:07 PM »
On March 9, 1971, Black Sabbath played at the Century Theater at the Garden State Plaza.

No one could believe:

1. that they were playing in Paramus, of all places, and

2. that it was for a church

I HAD to go. As I recall, it was pretty much of a disaster. The band had sound problems, left the stage, came back and then walked off for good (though you can't tell any of that from the below video.........IF that video truly IS from the Paramus show).

The crowd was pissed.

Someone with the church came out on stage and tried to calm the crowd down and get them to leave, saying that refunds could be gotten at the box office. People rushed out to avoid a long line, only to find that the box office was closed and a sign was there saying that if you wanted a refund, you'd have to go to the church during weekdays. I decided that rather than get back my $5 for each ticket, my stubs would be more historically valuable to keep (see attached).

I don't imagine that the church made very much money from that benefit.

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