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Bergen County Rally/March for Our Lives, Sat 3/24/18 BC Courthouse 10am - Noon



Join the Bergen County high school students against gun violence at the Bergen County Courthouse from 10am to Noon tomorrow. It's free and you don't need tickets, but they would like to receive donations to pay for this.

I took a lot of shots that I'll try to get posted tomorrow, but I DID want to post what I went there for  - the photo stitch of the entire event - today. I wanted to shoot it from the top step dead center, but I would have been a distraction, so I was lower and to the side. It's a 5-pic stitch.

I don't think a march was involved, but I didn't stay to the end.

Click to enlarge and scroll horizontally.

1. As I walked from the Costco parking lot, I saw this sign outside the new parking garage next to the courthouse. I don't know if it was free, but if it wasn't, I'm sure it helped the kids pay for this event. I think the orange t-shirts may have been only for event personnel, as I didn't see any for sale.

2. Since I got there before 9:30 for the 10am start, there really weren't any significant crowds to shoot yet, so I concentrated on the signs.

3. After I took the first picture of these women, I realized that I'd have to do it again because they did something that came naturally to them. "Ladies, I have to re-take that shot because you all smiled and this isn't a happy event". I also superimposed a slightly larger sign that was a bit more legible over the one that the woman on the far left was holding (“Protect children - not guns”)

4. I looked around and everyone seemed to be smiling for photos, so I tried to tell each person I photographed not to.

5. I saw this photo gathering on the "stage" and horned my way in to get a quickie before I realized that EVERYONE was looking real jolly. The NRA won’t take these kids very seriously if they see a lot of smiley pix.

6. A future student worth protecting

7. There were moments of levity during the speeches, so I'll assume that this was one of them.

8. State Senator Loretta Weinberg

9. Yeah!

10. A student speaks.

11. An unidentified (I think) student came to the mic and announced that she was going to sing the National Anthem and did a pretty good job.

12. This girl was second from the left in that jolly group shot (#5), so when I saw a more appropriate look, I grabbed it. Look at THIS one, NRA!

13. Rep. Josh Gottheimer speaks……

14…….and Gen. Poor listens.

15. I’m pretty sure this photographer was from The Record. He does stills and videos, so when I noticed him close by and panning in my direction, I raised my camera in front of my face and kept shooting until he was past me.

16. I left my stage-ish vantage point to get some shots from other directions before leaving and immediately came across this little girl and her huge friend who was wearing an “#ENOUGH” shirt. This might be the shot of the day!

17. From across Main St and up the stairs

18. I had to get something with the courthouse in it.

19. Straight-on and zoomed-in from the back

Click to enlarge.

Well, half of it anyway. This girl (a student, I'm guessing) walked up to the mic, didn't identify herself and announced that she would be singing the National Anthem.

I didn't decide to record it until after she sang a bit and sounded good. Plus, the sound system was near me and pretty clear. Unfortunately, she had to fight with a Public Parking sign for the attention of the camera's focus.

Another sound that got my attention - late, again - was a "Vote them out!" chant. I got the fading last 3 seconds of that and stuck it on the end of this video so it wouldn't go to waste.


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