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Name and location of this candy store?


There was a photo-article about local candy stores back in the day that ran in The Record a couple of months ago. Each photo had a caption - that's it as far as information goes.

I think I've seen this picture before - maybe even on this site - but I'm not sure.

So what store is it and where was it?

Here's the caption:

June 1968: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kalk wait on customer in their Hackensack candy store.  (Archive photo/

And here's the photo (click to enlarge):

Looks like what used to be Aimee's on Anderson Street. 

Really not sure.

The family looks like Mr & Mrs Kalb...just east of the railroad tracks on Poplar Ave at the base of a multi-story stick built apartment house. I went to school with their son Marvin...HHS 1965.

There's mention of Jack's Candy store on Poplar here:,1493.msg4672.html#msg4672


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