Author Topic: Last night's frigid lunar eclipse  (Read 1098 times)

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Last night's frigid lunar eclipse
« on: January 21, 2019, 05:00:00 pm »
It was SO frickin' cold on the roof last night and SO hard to get these shots that I had to stop 8 minutes before the eclipse was full at 11:41pm. The moon was directly overhead, which made it difficult to use the tripod..........or even see the screen. I snapped the handle off the tripod trying to get it to bend all the way back.

But the cold........oh my God! The temp was 12, the winds were about 30 mph and the wind chill was 5. Even with a glove on with the index fingertip cut off so I could maintain the focal pressure on the shutter, it was nearly impossible. I couldn't feel my fingertip and thought it might be getting frostbit or frozen to the metal shutter button.

But I did get some semblance of what transpired over the course of an hour (and I was NOT outside the whole timeI may be dedicated, but Im not insane).

And I have no idea why the middle two images show a smaller moon. I thought I maxed out the zoom constantly.

Lets hope for warmer weather when it happens again in 2022.

Click to enlarge.

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Re: Last night's frigid lunar eclipse
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2019, 09:26:06 pm »
You did better than me.  I went out there around 11:30 looked up, said "whoa!" and came back in.
  ???----> ::)----> :o

Great pictures.