Author Topic: Problem for the new residents of the Hackensack renaissance buildings  (Read 1872 times)

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I noticed last summer from my apartment that the north side of Current on River was unusually bright at night (Pic 1). I figured it was some sort of construction security lighting, but I didn't find any during the daytime when I visited the site.

More towards the end of the year, the nearby McDonald's put up 3 blazing lights facing north that cast shadows on my living room wall - 7 stories up and 4-5 blocks away (McD's was built on lower ground than my building was, so it's probably closer to 8 stories up). (Pix 1 and 2)

Perhaps McD's also had a similar bank of lights that I could not see on the other side of their building facing south toward C on R and lighting it up, so I decided to visit the scene at night and take pictures. (Pic 3)

But when I got there McD's DID have an involvement, but the biggest culprits were the Toyota dealership (by far) and - to a lesser degree - the Giant Farmers Market. (Pic 4 photo stitch - NOTE: after clicking to enlarge the stitch, you'll have to scroll from left to right to see the whole thing)

Just imagine spending a LOT of money to live in C on R and seeing this on your first (and every) night.

389 Main will also have the same problem (on the plus side, that building will block a couple of lights that shine brightly in my apartment). But this is just one observation from my one angle.  I imagine that all new buildings will have the same problem unless Hackensack pre-emptively enacts a city-wide retroactive light control ordinance with no one grandfathered in.

PSE&G is responsible for most of the problem installations, but only the property owners can get them to fix things - they will NOT listen to me. Any non-PSE&G installations may only require tilting the light or adding a shade, so it shouldn't be a major expense for those people or the city, which also violates light pollution sensibilities regularly. Wait'll the people on the east-facing upper floors of both buildings get a load of the Foschini Park field lights! (Pix 5&6 - taken from my apartment, which is not as close to those lights as 389 Main and ESPECIALLY Current on River).

The council has got to act before all these people move in and start complaining. Let's start them off with the great experience you've been touting all along.

I continue to offer a standing invitation to any council member who would like to see everything I'm talking about (and a lot more) from my location.

Any of you up for doing the right thing for all your new residents (and some of us long-time ones)?

As usual, click to enlarge.

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Re: Problem for the new residents of the Hackensack renaissance buildings
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thanks for addressing this issue. Few people do. It's also a waste of energy