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20 old Hackensack items you just can't live without


I took a cruise through the Hackensack listings on eBay for old times' sake recently and here's what I found:

1. a 1908 card addressed to someone on Teaneck Rd in Hackensack (?)

2. St Mary's Cadets

3. Anderson Park with houses where my building and the E lot are now.

4. Religious radio station at 300 Main St

5. Community Orchestra, Hackensack

6. Crazy patch of the Ling

7. Lots of old stars at Orrie de Nooyer (I should have shot this, if only for Les Paul)

8. First principal of Hackensack Academy (and a lot more)

9. First graduate of Hackensack Academy?

10. Hackensack Grammar School track ribbons

11. I remember Kartch's, but not Will Ware (that drawing looks very old).

12. Early 1971 plans for the Sports Complex

13. Spotless Car Wash coin

14. Porcelain vase from the library (it's only about 4" tall, so probably not good for your long-stem roses)

15. Sewing machine from the circus

16. Festive, bank style holiday greetings from over a century ago

17. Block-long Pontiacs from a Johnson Ave dealership

18. There's a bridge between Hackensack and Englewood?

19, 20. Two items from my favorite old rink

These are ALL available NOW! If you want something here, go to eBay and search the appropriate words, making sure to include "Hackensack". If you can't find it, PM me.

Grab 'em before the Editor does!.................and click to enlarge:

johnny g:
I was in BT in those years but for the life of me I can't remember that concert  :o

It was called "40s in the 80s", so I doubt it was advertised to or aimed at students.

People who were around 60 at the time probably dug it.


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