Author Topic: PHOTOS: On the Hackensack River Walkway, 9-21-19  (Read 15048 times)

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PHOTOS: On the Hackensack River Walkway, 9-21-19
« on: September 24, 2019, 05:20:08 PM »
There's always something interesting to see on the Hackensack River Walkway by FDU, so I went there last Saturday morning.

1. The first unusual thing I saw was a hand towel just south of the Rothman Center that said, "Built with chocolate milk". I had never seen a towel made from chocolate milk before and this is just as I found it.

2-5. Up by Dickinson Hall, I saw what appeared to be a student carrying a over his head. Did the MLK statue have the munchies? I guess not because the "delivery guy" walked right past him and headed across the pedestrian bridge. Later, I saw the guy coming back empty-handed and asked him if that was an oversized pizza.

"I wish it was", he replied.

"So what was it"?

"A game-day sign that's at the other end of the bridge". A pretty boring ending............

6. Coming back over the brand-new bridge, I saw a bunch of cobwebs on it glistening in the sun.

7. It gets worse - they were also on the back of the head/neck/shoulders of the MLK, Jr statue (though much more orderly).

8-10. I took notice of the installed bricks around the statue and saw a bunch of familiar political names. Mind you, this includes some of the 2014 version of the County Freeholders.

11,12. Another brick I saw mentioned Arnold Brown - a man I met when the statue was being installed on 10-10-14, so I put that together with part of the dedication plaque that mentions that he co-chaired the MLK monument committee and added a picture I took after the statue installation during a small celebration. Arnold and I are toasting with an adult beverage in paper cups, while I try to compose the picture properly with the other hand to include the statue, Arnold, and the dual-held paper cups.

13,14. On the way back to Johnson Park. I passed a tree-shadowed Dickinson Hall and took my first fall season color-change picture that included the small bridge between FDU and Johnson Park.

Click to enlarge.

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