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Freeholders Meeting Results
« on: March 17, 2004, 11:25:50 AM »
Note: Some terms are hyperlinked for more information

Hackensack related issues:

1. A public hearing concerning the proposed relocation of the County Police HQ and DPW will be held at the current Zabriske Street Street facility on April 29, at 7:00 (time will be verified).  The public is encouraged to attend this important meeting for Hackensack residents.

2. A resolution was passed to allow for a feasibility study into building a shelter with expanded services and 75 beds - plus room for 25 additional beds (for emergencies) at the Kansas Street Shelter.  The study will cost approximately $50,000.  

Other County-wide issues:

1.  The Freeholders acknowleged Bergen County Women as March is "Women's History Month".

2.  The FH Board accepted a recently published book about the Water Works
and heard comments about its preservation.

3.  The Board passed resolution which will ultimately ban smoking in county ball parks and swimming pools.

4.  The Board discussed campaign finance reform and "full disclosure" of political donors.  

Topics of public comment included, "pay to play", the proposed shelter expansion, the Zabriske Street hearings, and cancer awareness.  Mayor Zisa was in attendance.

Attendees are encouraged to follow-up with corrections and additions to this summary.  
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