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In case you missed it..........
« on: August 31, 2020, 04:07:51 PM »
1. The Union and Passaic streets intersection was a mess when the traffic lights were out.

2,3. A new dental office is opening between Union and Main right across from the 435 Main project.

4. Main St is a mess.

5. Lotsa red, but no smoke or fire.

6. Great name for a Black-owned business and the reviews all look good.

7. Business is slow for Geo's, located by the tracks.

8. You thought the new pipes on Main St were for water? Nah - they bring a steady flow of shovels, picks and other implements of destruction.

9. I think these drills are on their way to the new dental office on Anderson St.

10. Ever see so many crushed bottle containers?

11. If the sign on the door's too small to read, this is where Hackensack's center for crushed bottles is located. Dancers, beware!

12. These city-owned traffic cones are sitting on E. Camden St by the library. Oops!

13. Chicken Supreme on River St has apparently already gone out of business.

14. Bruce the Bed King has finally been boarded up.

15. The new and the old at Main and Anderson - BTW, early information said that Sears would be closing on September 12. More recently, I'm hearing it may be this Wednesday, September 2. Hurry over and add to the mayhem.

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