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New Feature: Hackensack Shuttle Bus Schedule


Click the link below to see the Hackensack Shuttle Bus Schedule:

Bus Schedule

The City's shuttle bus services the Essex and Anderson Street Commuter Rail Stations as well as Hackensack University Medical Center.

Shuttle Buses are free.

that bus seems like the perfect way for the
bums & homeless to move around the city
free of leaving the middle school are
refused a ride and our local vagrants move from
uptown to downtown with ease.

A town this size and we do not provide the children with buses is insane.

If we had buses it would take almost all the headaches at the middle school with double  parked cars away plus it would allow less parents the problem and worries of their children getting home. Hackensack would be a better twon is they had buses.

The children would get in less trouble

Tuscany has a point.  I have heard the same report from others.  What a waste of $200k+ per year


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