Author Topic: Local Hackensack July 4 fireworks (VERY local)  (Read 1683 times)

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Local Hackensack July 4 fireworks (VERY local)
« on: July 07, 2021, 06:48:52 PM »
As you know, the city did not have a fireworks display again this year (and I LOVE to photograph fireworks), so I figured I'd settle for the Macy's fireworks on the East River (yes, I've shot them from my apartment before). At dusk, clouds and haze rolled in and that was the end of that...........until I heard a couple of tiny explosions nearby.

It looked like firecrackers were going off in the new municipal lot outside my window (first pic) and then bigger things were going off from almost the same spot (second pic). Suddenly, even bigger displays were going off from the northern corner of the credit union parking lot off Passaic and State (third pic).

They had continued in the municipal lot and it was pretty smoky when that stopped. You can see some of that in the fourth pic.

On a different part of the lot (SW corner) smaller stuff was going off (firecrackers and bottle rockets) and I actually got a shot of one taking off from Cape Cone-averal (fifth pic).

So the evening wasn't a total loss, thanks to the locals.

Let's hope the city brings its big Foschini displays back next year.

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