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Does the City actually recycle cardboard and metal/glass, or is it all a show?     

Victor E Sasson:
Why do you think it is all show?

As far as I know, Hackensack has single stream recycling, where paper, cardboard, cans, bottles and recyclable plastic are comingled before they are shipped off to a recycling plant, where the sorting occurs.

Hackensack also recycles yard trimmings and debris into compost.

does your garbage and recycling go out the same day?  if so, watch and see what happens when its picked up

Victor E Sasson:
Well, they pick up the garbage and recycling around 6 a.m. I'm usually having my first cup of coffee and don't go outside. Are you saying they put garbage and recycling in same truck?

i thought that was obvious...   yes...  thats what i have seen... and not just once


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