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Consumer Reports' 2022 Auto Issue


Victor E Sasson:
Another disappointing Top 10 automobile list
from Consumer Reports magazine

No Teslas make the list

Victor E Sasson:
A Consumer Reports Top 10 list devoted only to gas-electric hybrids and electric vehicles makes even more sense in light of higher prices for a gallon of regular gasoline: "The nationwide average for regular gas is now $4.32 a gallon, according to AAA. On Wednesday, the cost was $4.25, once again eclipsing the previous all-time record of $4.11 set in July 2008. When adjusted for inflation, that would be around $5.25 today, USA Today reported.

On Thursday, I paid $4.09 for a gallon of regular at Costco in Teterboro, where the full service station is open to both Costco members and non-members. On Tuesday, the price was $3.91 a gallon.

Victor E Sasson:
Yesterday (March 31), I filled the tank of our 2010 Toyota Prius at the Costco gas station in Teterboro for $3.99.9 a gallon -- a dime less than my previous fillup.


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