Author Topic: The Midtown Bridge Approach project  (Read 611 times)

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The Midtown Bridge Approach project
« on: April 17, 2022, 05:23:25 PM »
I guess that name's better than "The Near Bowler City project" (but only slightly).

Most of these photos were taken about 3 weeks ago. I just never got around to posting them.

I had been curious about a very tall crane I could see from my living room, but I couldn't tell exactly where it was (The Record property?)..............and I never saw anything being hoisted by it. So I took a ride down River St and found out.

It's where the old municipal parking lot across the street from Bowler City was.

1,2. These first two shots were taken in February when I was walking around in Foschini Park and the rest were taken on March 25, when I finally saw the crane hoisting something.

3. And here is that hoist..........(big deal).

4. The first PANO of the shoot as I'm standing on the road to Bogota

5-8. Monkey bars for construction workers

9. A pause as another crane delivers a piece of equipment

10. Can anyone figure out what's going on in this 2-faced PANO?

11-13. Heading back past the monkey bars again.........

14. Race to the top..................Orange wins!

15. (PANO) I'm standing in the entrance to Bowler City looking toward the cranes' dance floor.

16. Since I parked on Moore St, I had to cross River St at a crosswalk where there's no traffic light. Northbound was stopped at Mercer St - 2 blocks away. Someone in the southbound fast lane stopped to let me cross, but no one in the slow lane could see me, so it was touch and go for a while, but I had to get this PANO shot of a banner for the 210 Main project  - the tall building on the left - that seemed to be aimed toward the Midtown Bridge project.

Click most images to enlarge.

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