Author Topic: River St Photowalk 10-8-22  (Read 1520 times)

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River St Photowalk 10-8-22
« on: October 28, 2022, 04:41:34 PM »
Two weeks ago, I posted "Main St Photowalk 10-8-22". I came back via River St, but never got around to posting that, so here it is:

Click all shots (except the two verticals) to fully-enlarge.

1. This is the reverse view from #15 and 16 on Main St.

2. PANO shot of the back of The Brick (what is it with these short, uncomplimentary names around here........."I live in The Brick". "Where's that?" "The Sack").
I'm not happy with the curved appearance of the building, but that's what happens when you decide at the last second to include the 210 Main rooftop sculpture in a PANO.

3. Just in case you're not sure what the wall is supposed to look like it's made of..............

4,5,6. Not exactly an upscale-looking neighborhood for these new residential buildings, is it?

7. This PANO might look a lot better if I cropped out the south side of the Midtown Bridge Approach on the right.

8. Big enough ad for 210 Main?

9. This was in one of the lots across from the back of 210 Main. It's on higher ground than where I'm shooting from on River St, so I couldn't confirm that this is an electric car charging station (I think).

10. I don't think I've ever noticed this place before. Maybe I am now that's because it starting to look a bit out of place.

11. So is this nearby structure. Anybody looking to rent a house with an auto body shop inside it?

12. After crossing Passaic St, we come to White Manna, where this PANO shows that it Hertz on one side and gives you gas on the other.

13. Just a couple feet north, I find my first opportunity to photograph dead squirrel teeth.

14, 15. Finally, in the vicinity of River and Ward, we find patriotic used cars on one side and pink-ballooned (AND patriotic) cars on the other.

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