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Photowalk: Railroad Avenue
« on: November 11, 2022, 07:35:21 PM »
Almost anything can be an excuse for my photowalks - even misfortune.

Back in June, some idiot at a T-intersection side street stop sign decided that the back driver's-side of my making-a-left-off-Teaneck-Rd car didn't have the right-of-way and plowed into it. If he was a bit less impatient and waited a second or two, I wouldn't be writing about it now. No one was hurt and the car was still quite drivable, but it looked like hell. The cop agreed it was the other guy's fault, so I thought insurance would be a breeze.

Well, it took nearly 4 months to get the repair started. My body shop of choice  - Class A Autobody - is at 40 Railroad Ave, about a block north of Essex St. I brought the car there early one morning in late September.

1. Since I hadn't yet photo-strolled Railroad Ave, I decided to walk the mile back home. There were some interesting sights to shoot, beginning with this building:

2. A closeup of the more-interesting half of the building seemed to show the bald eagle with an SUV in its talons:

3. Further north, you'd need a bicycle or motorcycle to use this railroad crossing:

4. A nice view of some hi-rises from the HHS vicinity:

5. A little further up, a train came in. I decided to use the reverse PANO pan to fit it all in one picture. Of course, that squashed the cars a bit:

6,7. On the corner of Railroad Ave and Ricardo Pl is a house that looks like a great retirement home for someone who's into watching trains and planes from the comfort of their gazebo. You've just seen the comes a low-flying private jet coming into Teterboro Airport that I photographed from that location:

8. Just before I got to the overhead tracks, I saw all this stuff behind a fence. I don't know what the company makes...............basketballs?

9. Here's where Susquehanna crosses Erie:

10. And just at that moment, a really squashed train goes under Suzy-Q. I doubt anyone's ever seen a PANO like this before:

11. My favorite shot from this walk has to be the bald eagle on the building, but because it was early morning and the building faces west, I couldn't shoot it bathed in sunlight (and without a car in the shot).

Two afternoons ago, I got the sunlit shot and went to town on the colors. I wonder how many people aren't aware of this local artwork.

And if anyone's interested, I'd recommend Class A Autobody. They did an excellent job on my car. 

As usual, click images to fully enlarge and you may need to do a little lateral scrolling on some of them.

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