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Old local business matchbooks


I've just found a LOT of matchbooks that my mother collected. I'll probably be making a blog post about the whole thing soon, but I wanted to show four that came from Hackensack: two from recently-demolished Rudy's Restaurant, one from long-gone Packard's Print Room and one I've never heard of.

Is anyone familiar with Primrose House Hairdressers? The address would put it in the vicinity of the northeast corner of Union and Central.

Inside the Rudy's matchbook covers is what looks like a crudely-drawn map that I've enlarged (second pic).

I did come across other Hackensack matchbooks, but there's too much to go through again. You'll just have find them after I put the blog post together.

Click to enlarge.

johnny g:
The Print Room one is a classic, I remember peeking in it as a kid but I never went there

This is the blog post about the aforementioned collection:


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