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Hackensack made the list!


All the world's hot spots on one t-shirt:

(I might actually get one of these)

Scroll down to see all the other items with this design (cellphone case? face mask?)

If the cellphone case interests you, select your phone model to view its picture and see if any names get blocked out by the camera configuration (some do, some don't).

So I bought the shirt because I liked the deep colors (first pic).

When I got it, the colors were kind of subdued (second pic).

They had sent me an email asking me if I was happy with everything.

"Well, since you asked............." and I told them that I was disappointed.

But they were very nice about it and asked me to send a picture of the shirt I received. I did. They saw it, apologized, and made a decent offer.

"We can't change the color saturation, but pick out any other shirt you want. You don't have to return the one you have. Keep it and get another free."

If you click on the link in the previous post and enter "hackensack" into the search box, it'll show you 2 pages of Hackensack t-shirts. Given my career, I chose the third pic. It arrived and everything's fine.

Maybe you'll find something interesting there (and NO, I don't get a commission.............unfortunately).

Click to enlarge.


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